Chromel 126 Oxidation Test Graphs and Photos

ChartCAChromel 126 is a patented composition originally developed by Hoskins Manufacturing Company and now owned by Concept Alloys, Inc. It was developed for use as the sheath material in Hoskins 2300 MI mineral insulated cable. Since Concept Alloys does not produce mineral insulated cable, the alloy is now available in tubing form, as well as rod and wire, for the production of MI cable by others, or other applications such as thermocouple protection tubes and continuous annealing tubes. In rod and wire or other forms it may find use in other applications that require excellent oxidation resistance at high temperatures such as resistance heating elements.

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medical_1Concept Alloys produces wire for medical applications, specializing in the use of our expertise with refractory metals, particularly different grades of tungsten and tungsten-rhenium formulations.

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