Concept Alloys

Concept Alloys was formed in 2002 by former technical staff of Hoskins Manufacturing Company. Concept procured the intellectual property of Hoskins Manufacturing – with all rights to manufacture and license products including Chromel®, Alumel®, and Chromel 126 (formerly known as the sheath material for Hoskins MI2300).

Concept Alloys is a manufacturer of Tungsten-Rhenium alloys for use in thermocouples, medical, and proprietary applications. Concept also supplies, in collaboration with partner companies, base metal alloys manufactured to provide the quality and capability for which Hoskins materials became famous. A variety of base metal thermocouple, resistance heating and mechanical purpose alloys are available, manufactured to compositions and properties controlled by Concept Alloys.

The expertise and passion for producing specialty alloys, for which Hoskins Manufacturing was renown, continues at Concept Alloys. Proprietary testing and calibration methodologies allow thermoelectric calibration of every production spool of tungsten alloy wire from 0°C to 2315°C (32°F to 4200°F). Concept offers support for our customers from development through production, from next-day shipment to failure analysis.

We thrive on challenges – failure analysis of products from the field, custom wire formulation and new product development.

Share your challenge and we’ll join your team.

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