Ultra Fine Wire

On several occasions Concept Alloys has been asked to supply matched tungsten-rhenium thermocouple alloys at sizes smaller that the .003” diameter we normally stock.  Recently we have quoted on sizes as small as .01mm (.0004”) diameter. By matching and calibrating wires at a larger intermediate size, followed by final drawing, cleaning and annealing, we have been able to fulfill these requests.

Pricing and delivery for ultra fine wires is dependent upon size and quantity. Quotations are available upon request.

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.0005″/.0127 mm W5%Re wire pictured with a 1 mm scale. (Click to enlarge image.)

medical_1Concept Alloys produces wire for medical applications, specializing in the use of our expertise with refractory metals, particularly different grades of tungsten and tungsten-rhenium formulations.

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special_1Our experience, failure analysis, lab, and manufacturing capabilities provide the perfect combination to help customers develop new products.

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