Concept Alloys

Intellectual Property

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Registered Trademarks

CHROMEL® – This registered trademark is known worldwide as the name of both a premium line of electrical resistance heating alloys and as the positive leg (Chromel-P) of the original Chromel-Alumel (ISA Type K) thermocouple.

ALUMEL® – The registered trademark for the negative leg of the original Chromel-Alumel (ISA Type K) thermocouple.

COPEL® – A series of nickel-copper resistance heating element alloys used for low temperature applications.

U.S. Patents 

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U.S. Patent No. 6,093,369 – The ‘369 patent was issued on July 25, 2000, and covers the alloy referenced above as Hoskins 2300.  This alloy has excellent high temperature oxidation resistance up to 2300°F.  It has been used as described for MI cable sheathing and as resistance heating elements.  It may also find uses in tubing or sheet forms wherever its’ unique properties may be advantageous, such as continuous annealing tubes.

U.S. Patent No. 6,020,551 – The ‘551 patent covers a design for a Self-Diagnostic Thermocouple.  When used with properly designed instrumentation, it is capable of giving the user advance warning when drift or other degradation exceeds certain preset limits.  Patent ‘551 was issued on February 1, 2000.

U.S. Patent No. 5,453,599 – Patent ‘599 describes a tubular heating element with an insulating core.  In many applications this type of construction offers the heating element design engineer much greater flexibility in varying such critical parameters as alloy, electrical resistance, surface loading, wire length and wire diameter.

U.S. Patent Nos. 6,428,596,  6,513,728 and 6,674,047 – These patents deal with the manufacture and use of a multiplex composite powder-cored wire electrode for thermal spraying.

Trade Secrets – The entire collection of trade secrets developed by Hoskins in its’ 93 years is the property of Concept Alloys.  This includes all information related to melting and thermoelectric control of base metal thermocouple alloys, and the melting and production of spark plug electrode alloys, electrical resistance alloys and Cunife permanent magnet alloys.