Medical Wire

Tantalum & Tungsten-Rhenium Alloys: W, W3Re, W5Re, W25Re

Concept Alloys produces wire for medical applications, specializing in the use of our expertise with refractory metals, particularly different grades of tungsten and tungsten-rhenium formulations.

Concept Alloys’ medical wire is suitable for a wide range of applications, primarily for various surgeries. The size range, ductility and specific size/shape quality properties of Concept Alloys’ tungsten-rhenium wire enables our medical wire to be customized for specific cardiovascular and diagnostic applications.

Our wire is often the precise part of a medical device used to perform either Laparascopic (Minimally-Invasive) or Endoscopic surgical procedures.

Medical Device Wire – Tantalum

  • Meets ASTM B365, UNS R05200
  • Supplied annealed with a bright finish
  • Some sizes in stock
  • No minimum quantity requirements 

Technical Specifications

Delivery Forms

Concept Alloy’s medical wire can be delivered in spools, coils or straight lengths, depending on size and material.

Medical Wire Size Range

Concept Alloys medical round wire sizes range from 0.127 to 1 mm (0.005 to 0.0394 in).

Medical Wire Materials

  • W – Pure Tungsten wire
  • W3Re – Tungsten 3% Rhenium wire
  • W5Re – Tungsten 5% Rhenium wire
  • W25Re – Tungsten 25% Rhenium wire
  • Tantalum Wire

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Chemical Tolerances
ASTM B365, R05200
(maximum concentration in Wt%, except Ta)

C O2 N2 H2 Nb Fe Ti W Mo Si Ni Ta
0.010 0.015 0.010 0.0015 0.100 0.010 0.010 0.050 0.020 0.005 0.010 Remainder

Mechanical Properties

Tensile Strength
Minimum, psi
Yield Strength
Mimimum, psi
% Elongation
Minimum in 1″ gauge
25,000 15,000 25%