Type K Chromel Alumel Thermocouple Wire

Concept Alloys supplies Type K Thermocouple wire, ribbon and strip meeting Hoskins’ Chromel/Alumel specifications. Our employees have the knowledge to supply special off-set and tight tolerance products. Request a quote on our Type K Chromel/Alumel wire.

Chromel and Alumel are registered trademarks of Concept Alloys.


Originally developed in 1906, the Chromel/Alumel thermocouple has been globally accepted as the most useful base-metal thermocouple combination. With the standard alloys, or one of several special alloy combinations, it is widely used over a temperature range of -328°F to +2300°F (–200 °C to +1260 °C).

The superior resistance of the alloys to oxidation allows the use of the bare metals throughout the useful range. With proper protection it can be used in almost any environment.


  • Chromel-P Composition:  90 Ni, 10 Cr
  • Alumel Composition: 95 Ni, 2 Mn, 2 Si, 1 Al
  • Temperature range:  to 2000°F (1260°C)
  • Specific gravity:  8.73 Chromel / 8.60 Alumel
  • Density:  .3154 lb/in³ Chromel / .3107 Alumel (8.73 g/cm³ Chromel / 8.60 g/cm³ Alumel)
  • Shipped in a stabilized condition

Technical Specifications


  • Heat treat ovens
  • Hot Isostatic Pressing (HIP)
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