New Product Development

Support for Specialty, High Performance Alloys & Wire

We offer over 100 combined years of applicable experience in failure analysis, lab support, applications, consulting and manufacturing relating to alloys and composites such as:

  • Temperature measurement
  • Oxidation resistance
  • Corrosion resistance
  • Medical wire and tubing

We thrive on working with New Product Development (NPD) teams. We’re always learning.

Medical Device Development

Concept Alloys has worked with several customers to develop materials for use in medical devices. These include surgical devices, cardiovascular devices and endoscopic devices. The alloys used have been tungsten-rhenium alloys produced to specific tempers and size tolerances and with various surface finishes. Materials can be supplied in straight lengths or on spools to best fit the customers needs.

Contact us to discuss the alloy and properties best suited for development of a new device or to provide an alternate source for materials needed for existing products.

Custom Alloy Development for New Product Applications

Our internal capabilities are expanded with a network of global partners to accommodate specialty needs and applications you may have.

We have experience in production of a wide variety of alloys formerly produced by Hoskins Manufacturing Company for use in resistance heating, temperature measurement, thermal expansion applications, and specialty welding.

If you are searching for a special alloy or custom wire formulation and haven’t been able to find it, please contact us. We enjoy pushing the envelope and seeking innovative new solutions.

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