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Thermocouple Extension Wire and Strip
Hoskins 405/426

Concept Alloys manufactures the extension wire combination developed by Hoskins Manufacturing Company, known as 405/426, for use with the W5Re/W26Re thermocouple wires.  These compensating extension wires, when used as a pair, match the W5Re/W26Re thermocouple curve to within ±0.110 millivolts from 32°F to 1600°F.

The 405/426 alloys are both nickel based and offer excellent ductility and good resistance to oxidation over the entire temperature range of use. They are supplied as bare wires in matched pairs whose combined emf falls within the guaranteed emf limits over the specified range.

The use of these compensating extension wires offers three significant advantages when used with W5Re/W26Re thermocouples:

  • Substantial reduction in wire costs where a long lead wire is required
  • Increased resistance to breakage by flexing, vibration or mechanical loading in service
  • Good resistance to oxidation over the recommended temperature range
  • Also available in strip form. Please call for details.
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