Chromel® 126

Corrosion Resistant Wire, Rod & Tubing

Concept Alloys’ Chromel 126 (formerly Hoskins Alloy 126) was developed to be chemically compatible with nickel base thermocouple alloys while providing the best possible protection at high temperatures in oxidizing environments.

Chromel 126 provides resistance to oxidation at temperatures of 1750°F (955°C) and above that is virtually unmatched by any other wrought heat-resistant alloy. It can be used for long-term continuous exposure to combustion gases or air at temperatures up to 2300°F (1260°C), and, for shorter term exposures, it can be used at even higher temperatures. Useful short-term oxidation resistance has even been demonstrated at temperatures as high as 2400°F (1315°C).

Concept Alloys’ Chromel 126 is often compared with Haynes 230 and Haynes 214. It should be noted, however, that Chromel 126 is softer than Haynes 214, due to the lower aluminum and carbon content of the Chromel 126, making Chromel 126 easier to fabricate.

Read the Chromel 126 Oxidation Test Report here

Characteristics of Chromel 126

  • Excellent corrosion resistance
  • Excellent high temperature strength
  • Low ductility in low and intermediate temperatures (1100 – 1700°F)
  • Annealing (above 2000°F) and rapid cooling during processing can retain good room temperature ductility

Technical Specifications

Applications for Chromel 126

  • Thermocouple protection, thermocouple sheathing
  • Automotive, Ceramics, Metalworking, Electronics
  • Readily fabricated
  • Readily TIG or MIG welded; filler wire of Alloy 126 is recommended


Chromel 126
Carbon           0.02*
Aluminum       4.0
Silicon            0.10*
Sulfur             0.003*
Calcium         0.015
Chromium    20.0
Manganese   0.10*
Iron                2.5
Nickel            balance
Yttrium          0.04
Zirconium      0.06*

* denotes maximum

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