What does the “Certificate of Thermoelectric Calibration” represent?

A “Certificate of Thermoelectric Calibration” is provided by Concept Alloys for all pairs of matched thermocouple materials that are intended to meet an accepted nominal emf vs. temperature curve. This certificate provides, at a minimum, the customers name, address, PO number and date along with the billet numbers, size and length of the coils shipped, the I.D. of the standards used to calibrate them. The certificate then shows how this specific pair of coils compares to the nominal curve at a variety of temperatures up to the maximum recommended use temperature.

The deviation from the nominal curve is shown in both millivolts and degrees. This information shows compliance with the nominal curve and can be used to correct the displayed temperature or emf value. It can also be used to adjust automated instrumentation.

Concept Alloys tests emf vs. temperature throughout the temperature range on every coil at the final size. The certificate provided with the shipment is the average of both ends. On request, Concept is capable of providing individual certificates for each end, in °F or °C, or at non-standard temperatures.

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Figure 1: Concept Alloys certificate of thermoelectric calibration

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