Concept Alloys’ Tungsten-Rhenium Thermocouple Wire:

temp_1Concept Alloys takes great care to produce the finest quality tungsten-rhenium thermocouple wire, and provide the best customer experience possible. Our experts can help guide you to make the best material selection by discussing your application and providing supporting technical information. Concept Alloys was formed in 2002 by former technical staff of Hoskins Manufacturing Company, original developers of many alloys used in thermocouples over the past 100+ years.

W-Re Thermocouple Wire:

  • Type C – Tungsten 5% Rhenium versus Tungsten 26% Rhenium wire (W5Re/W26Re)
  • Type D – Tungsten 3% Rhenium versus Tungsten 25% Rhenium wire (W3Re/W25Re)
  • Type G – Pure Tungsten versus Tungsten 26% Rhenium wire (W/W26Re)

W-Re Quality Control

We understand that thermocouple wire accuracy and uniformity are important and we go to extremes to achieve it. Special, proprietary processes are employed for this purpose.

  • Accuracy and Uniformity – We go to extremes, using proprietary processes to guarantee your satisfaction:
    • Diameter and roundness is continuously measured using laser micrometer technology. This type of testing ensures that every coil of wire meets our rigid standards for dimensional uniformity.
    • Uniformity is routinely measured by calibrating each end of every coil produced.
  • Manufactured and Calibrated On-Site – Made & tested in Whitmore Lake, Michigan, our in-house capabilities allow quality control to our own demanding standards.
  • Doped 3% and 5% Alloys – Concept Alloys’ doped 3% and 5% materials provide superior ductility to competitive un-doped materials.
  • Calibration from 200 to 4,200 °F – Concept Alloys’ innovative calibration system allows us to test materials to 4,200 °F or higher.
  • Our tests are performed over the entire specified temperature range, usually 200°F to 4200°F (100 °C to 2300 °C) depending on wire size – without extrapolation from lower temperature tests. Other manufactures simply extrapolate to these temperatures.
  • Certified to NIST-traceable standards, deviations in mV, and either °F, or °C  User-friendly certifications express deviations in both millivolts and °F or °C.
  • Special EMF Tolerances and Sizes Available – Special, tight tolerance wire is available for critical applications. We are fully capable of routinely providing any size wire from 0.0005 to 0.020 inch diameter. Larger diameters are available as special orders.
  • End-to-End Calibrations – Some customers prefer to use calibration data from both ends of long-length spools, rather than an average. This is available for a nominal fee.
  • Volume Pricing – Discounts from list price are available, and are based on annual usage rather than single buys.
  • No Minimum Order – Our goal is to meet your exact needs. No more, no less.
  • Most Orders shipped same or next day – Stock is maintained to support your just-in-time requirements.

Tolerances refer to deviations from the °F nominal temperature-emf relationships defined by ASTM E230 and E1751. The accuracy guarantee represents the initial calibration tolerance of bare wire only. Factors that may affect accuracy in use include purity or quality of atmosphere or vacuum, wire size, temperature gradient, thermocouple geometry and insulation type and purity.

Medical Products

medical_1Concept Alloys is finding new applications for our Tungsten and Tungsten-Rhenium wire in medical applications. Learn more.


Tungsten-Rhenium Accuracy Guarantee*

Tolerances on Initial Values of EMF vs. Temperature
Wire Diameter, Inches Temperature Range, °C(°F) Tolerance
 All  0°C-440°C (32°F-800°F)  ± 4.4°C (8°F)
 < =  .002″  440°C-1760°C (800°F-3200°F)  ± 1%**
 > 002″ – .004″  440°C-1870°C (800°F-3400°F)  ±1%
 >.004″ – .006″  440°C-1980°C (800°F-3600°F)  ±1%
 >.006″ – .009″  440°C-2090°C (800°F-3800°F)  ±1%
 >.009″ – .090″  440°C-2315°C (800°F-4200°F)  ±1%
Call for more information on other wire sizes – Special tolerances are Also Available
** Percent of actual temperature in °C.

*These temperatures shall be the maximum reported and guaranteed temperatures for the wire sizes indicated unless otherwise agreed to between Concept Alloys and the customer. Sizes smaller than 0..0030 in (0.076mm) diameter shall be tested at a larger breakdown size for reporting purposes, but no guarantee shall be in effect.

For purchasing information please contact Concept Alloys, Inc. today to help specify a product that meets your needs.