Failure Analysis & Lab Services

Expert Chemical Analysis & Metallurgical Evaluations

What sets Concept Alloys apart from other testing labs is our ability to provide solutions to materials questions. That means more than a test report.

See Some Examples of Our Work:

Our Pledge

Our knowledge and experience in analysis techniques and interpretation of results separates us from other laboratories, however producing accurate data and information is only part of the process. Equally important is our commitment to assist each client in understanding and applying results to the question or problem at hand.

Our Experience and Expertise

Our extensive chemical and metallurgical expertise, along with experience in a variety of industries allows us to provide accurate and thorough solutions to technical problems. We have unique expertise in the field of thermocouple failures and those of other alloy products.


In addition to failure analysis, we can assist with:

  • New Product Development
  • Raw material analysis
  • Materials/problems associated with production processes
  • Environmental samples
  • Quality Control analysis


Our materials analysis laboratory has capabilities in:

  • Chemical analysis – non-destructive qualitative and quantitative assays.
  • High Resolution Microscopy
  • Metallography
  • Mechanical Testing
  • Thermocouple calibration of tungsten-rhenium alloys
  • Sample preparation methods for cutting, grinding, cold rolling and milling.

At Concept Alloys, we pride ourselves in taking a personal interest in each customer and project, no matter the scope.

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